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ak+, an inspiration from the past

Founded as Akroplan in 1985 and then becoming ak engineering in 2001, the dynamism of 2020 pushed the studio to take a step further, creating the new ak+ brand. This choice puts the team’s collective approach and the method developed on a new level, a statement of intents that proudly seeks added value in each project, taking on the challenges of contemporary architecture and interior design.
ak+ focuses on design and consulting for civil and industrial structures, working on the international market with projects of strong aesthetic and technological components.

Experiencing projects is always thrilling. Architecture and design reveal a universal soul, an innate balance between aesthetics and liveability, between humanity and technology.

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Architecture is a synthesis of research and intentions, a collective with an independent character, harmonised with the surroundings.
Each building is brought to life by being part of the area in which it is located, paying attention to details that follow the flow of people and ensuring a balanced use of technology.
Integrated design takes into account the complexity of each context, identifying appropriate constructive solutions.
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Interior Design

Our interior design projects are based on a variety of dimensions. They are inspired by a tactile and material research always aware of trends, never transient and with a marked tailor-made character.
Every space brings out the corporate identity of the people inhabiting it, in a versatile and dynamic way, especially in commercial and public environments. Residential design aims at an even more personal perception, exploring new living forms.

An Extra Value

We unfold stories and guide people through the authentic value of projects.
The know-how of ak+ searches for the creative harmony that lies at the core of every architecture and design idea, relying on the team’s expertise and crafting detailed contexts, sector by sector, building by building. We aim to grant individuals and society a privileged relationship with everyday places, thanks to curated and sustainable projects, supervised from the carrying structure to the customised design.
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ak+ in Figures

Travelling and exploring turnkey projects and engineering works: ak+ has been an Italian company on the move since its beginnings. Here are some numbers and the places where you can find our projects, to be explored while sipping a coffee.

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