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Enthusiastic skills interaction

ak+ is a place for research and exchange. Architects, designers and professionals work together as a team, each emerging with their own uniqueness, in a concert of common values and a shared vision.
Curriculum Studio

Franco Bertossi

After completing his studies as an industrial expert, he has been working in the design world since 1993. He immediately began dealing with construction site and industrialisation issues, gaining unparalleled technical know-how in the field.

Scarica il Curriculum
#friendliness knowledge and substance

Valter Bertossi

He graduated from the Architecture Department of Venice in 1990. Characteristics such as the passion for design, the attention to detail, a stubborn perfectionism and his child-like enthusiasm make him unique.

Scarica il Curriculum
#authentic energy concentration

Valentina Vidoni

#plans and achieves objectives

Emanuele D’Odorico

#voice of experience

Mara Picco

#looks through curious eyes

Francesca Tomai

#innate imagination and originality

Valentina Sutto

#upbeat creativity

Giulia Terranova

#authentically natural Giulia

Carla D’Andrea

#architect by passion

Monica Del Fabro

#simplicity rhymes with elegance

Professional synergies

The validity of an architecture is based on data and information, processed thanks to interdisciplinary skills that go beyond the size of our Studio.
Every professional partnership and company we work with enriches projects with their own set of skills and experience.
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