Materials and color moodboard: Identity as a new beginning

Architecture and interior design connect with materials through the senses: the emotions they evoke by touch, sight and smell are engraved in our memory.

Each project has its own language depending on the choice of materials, their function, quantity and arrangement. As ak+, we want to start again from the emotional and tangible aspects of our Studio, together with a new visual identity expressed in the “Colour Moodboard”.

Materials do not lie, and the human being is naturally motivated to love them. Only when placed in the right light within their intended context and compared with each other do they gain strength and character.
Indeed, each materic or colored sample has its own personality, a set of meanings that communicate and complement the one next to it.
The tool that succeeds in unifying this range of elements is the “color moodboard”.

By “Color Moodboard”, we refer to the ensemble of materials arranged next to each other, connected to create a tactile and visual setting, warm and concrete. This tool is an integral part of the design method we use at ak+ to empathize with the project and the client, but it is also the pivotal element that has allowed us to reimagine our identity altogether.


Color and material combinations for ak+

In the composition of the “Color moodboard”, we try to represent in detail the individual project and, above all, we want its emotional message to surface.

For this reason, when creating the new brand identity of ak+ we started from the tools that we know best and that characterize us, in order to outline the communication in a precise way.

The core concept starts from a set of values that we also apply at work: observing the past without disrupting it, so as to renew it with freshness, elegance, professionalism, experience and refinement.

Green has been a hallmark of ak+ Studio for years and it was preserved, albeit in a bright and refreshing new shade. We introduced moss green and powder pink, which already appears in our presentations and has long characterized them. The selected Moodboard palette reflects in a balanced way the feminine and masculine side of our team, it identifies us and feels like a part of us.

A final touch, featuring the concrete nuances of granite, and the combination is complete, in all its self-expression.

An identity story that, thanks to matter and color, has been formulated and expanded through communication channels, online and offline, to tell ak+ with authenticity.