The Industrial Castelliere that amplifies corporate identity


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[An industrial Castelliere expanding historical identity]

Biofarma 2

The inspiration of an extraordinary millennial engineering work for an avant-garde industrial creation. 

The architectural project “Castelliere industriale” Biofarma 2 is part of a comprehensive development and planning strategy for the entire Biofarma Group s.r.l., a leading company in the Health&Beauty care sector, specifically in the research, manufacturing and packaging of food supplements, medical devices, cosmetics and probiotic-based drugs.

The plant expansion of about 236,701 mkicked off the works for the new industrial complex, called “Castelliere” as it is protected and mitigated by an embankment towards the main road axis.

On one hand, the Biofarma 2 Industrial Castelliere has sought new volumes of fluidity and regularity, through the use of anthracite-coloured steel metal cladding and the pattern of full-height cuts, emphasised by protruding ribs and “brise soleil”. Secondly, a special focus was placed upon the project location within the area. The name chosen recalls the protohistoric earthworks of “Savalons” situated nearby, a position that allows the company’s beating heart to be maintained both in terms of its local identity and its production and operational location in Via del Castelliere in Mereto di Tomba (UD), its historic Friulian headquarters.

An avant-garde industrial creation, inspired by the millennial culture of the area, designed to amplify the company, together with the historical identity of the context to which it belongs.

[Where is the complex located]

Industrial volumes in a rural area

The context of Mereto di Tomba (UD) involves a challenging dialogue between industrial architecture and the surrounding agricultural landscape. The area extends northwards from the provincial road SP 60, from which it is separated by a functional embankment, and is joined to the road by an internal junction that divides the ground into two lots, the east lot and the west lot, completed by an additional green area.

When designing the Castelliere Bio2 any attempt at camouflage was avoided, in order to pay meticulous attention to detail and propose a pure, rigorous and essential architecture that mitigates the emphasis on the differences between the two worlds.

[Multi-volume architectural configuration]

A cohesive layout

The new settlement, freeing itself from a unique building, is divided into several volumes oriented along the west-east axis, with different heights and lengths.

The complex is defined by 6 distinct elements with precise functionalities, linked in a main prospect by connecting tunnels. A single, anthracite grey metal piece, textured with vertical units, determines the form, communicating cleanliness and architectural discipline. The material continuity fades towards different surfaces throughout the buildings, with the balanced use of transparent glass surfaces and polycarbonate.

[Block Distribution]

Contiguous elements and buildings

The main building is elevated and beckons at the entrance, with an open, illuminated and airy space. The rectangular volume of the building is clad in concealed fastening anthracite-coloured steel plates, the top of which ends in the form of a cusp and hosts the Biofarma Group logo.

The prospect, about 170 metres long, is defined by a rhythmic sequence of full-height vertical cuts, which generate alternating light and shade through ribbing.

A block covered with transparent polycarbonate forms the element of discontinuity: thanks to sunlight it disappears, taking on various colours depending on the weather conditions. At night, the specially designed artificial lighting makes it stand out even more.

The glass curtain wall of the office and meeting room block is just as transparent, towering over a green embankment towards the entrance.

[Sustainable techniques and materials]

A synthesis of technology, safety and circularity

The Biofarma 2 Castelliere industriale synthesises multiple cutting-edge dimensions: the green perspective of the surrounding park, the adaptive structural materiality and the technological integrations within the complex. The settlement develops technologically advanced facilities, which pay particular attention to sustainability.

The body of the industrial buildings meets Class A optimisation and benefits from the installation of a powerful 900 KW photovoltaic system.

The industrial complex was designed and developed following the guidelines for an ecosystem “Industry 4.0”, based on an architectural IP Exoskeleton and the integration of responsive technologies.

Given the high flammability of the products and materials stored, the fire-fighting system was conceived with an engineering approach, one of the rare cases in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

An ecosystem broken down into several volumes, a sustainable dimension that brings together technological development, structural continuity of buildings and green spaces.

[Surrounded by nature]

An expanding business garden

The highly engineered complex of Il Castelliere Biofarma is integrated in a large green area that is being extended for the exclusive use of the company.

The landscape project spread southwards with earthworks, which also aimed to move the volumes away from the main road system while, at the north, it juxtaposed an embankment and a tree belt with native woods towards the farmland.

The green space has been designed and studied with the same attention as the architectural complex and foresees a major future expansion, occupying an abundant private business garden of about 9500 square metres.


Biofarma Group

Biofarma Group

is a leader in the Health&Beauty care sector, specifically in the development, production and packaging of food supplements, medical devices, cosmetics and probiotic-based drugs.

Innovation, professionalism and excellence are the values that, combined with investments in production processes, innovative machinery and human capital, set the Group on the road to the future, developing the Italian and international markets in a sustainable manner, thus becoming a highly attractive and highly competitive reference point in research and production of Health-Care and Beauty Care products.



Biofarma S.r.l. – Via Castelliere, 2 – 33036 Mereto di Tomba (UD)