Hyatt Regency Malta, intimate and natural feel


Fabris&Partners for Hyatt Regency Malta

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[A welcome with an intimate and natural feel]

Hyatt Regency Malta

The natural and warm style of the Hyatt Regency Malta expresses far more than the exclusivity of the global hotel group. The Hotel’s design is developed by ak+ for the architectural firm Fabris&Partners.

The glazing of a house near the sea, recreating a space that can intimately welcome.

In this project, three elements prevail. First of all, the design reveals the imprinting of tradition, with ceramic work and relief decorations of Mediterranean appeal.

Secondly, the organic rhythm is striking, becoming a recurring motif, with a naturally inspired structure and ceiling. Lastly, and equally important, a fresh elegance emerges from the textures, which is further emphasised by accents of vibrant colour.

Hyatt Regency Malta thus becomes a hospitality project where one can create, unleash the imagination, have fun, amaze, and above all express the utmost authenticity.

An intimate setting between imagination, Mediterranean creativity and fresh elegance, with a well-being driven by natural, organic rhythms.

[Details that make a difference]

Places that tell design stories

The soft morning light, the bustle of people coming and going, the stories behind them. The structure of the Hyatt Regency Malta is a buzz of tales and interpersonal exchanges, with the relaxation of an island location dictating the style of hospitality.

In the design lines, there is a relentless search for fabrics, textures, local flavours and faraway references. A balance of timeless and contemporary styles, recreating a space designed to make people feel good, both inside and out, making the structure stand out in terms of its forms and liveability.


Hyatt Regency

Hyatt Hotels Corporation is a leading global hospitality company with 20 leading brands, including Hyatt Regency. As of 31 December 2020, the Company comprised more than 975 hotels, including 175 worldwide as Hyatt Regency Hotels & Resorts.

The Company’s purpose of caring for people so they can perform at their best inspires its business decisions and growth strategy, with a focus on attracting and retaining the best employees, building guest relationships and creating shareholder value. The company’s mission brings people together and fosters connections through versatile venues and thoughtful services.

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