Casa GM, a modern house open to the countryside



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[The modernity of a view into the countryside]


A home with a distinct, modern design, with a view that breathes freely into the countryside.

The residential concept for Casa GM starts with an apparent design oxymoron, which is balanced by the sustainable approach and the location of the spaces, oriented towards tranquillity.

The building starts with two distinct volumes with a single pitch, separating the living area from the sleeping area, interconnected by a central entrance hall. In each area, two raised lofts make the internal spatial division dynamic and exquisitely modern.

The outdoor space highlights the self-supporting pergolas to the south and west, with a bioclimatic feature that helps optimise energy and thermal performance, as well as limiting the house’s environmental impact. A circularity that includes the building’s wooden frame and the traceability of materials.

A house with a modern style, rebalanced by a sustainable breath, with the materiality of wood and a quiet spaciousness.

[Sustainable living]

Research in every detail

Modern components, a passion for sustainability and efficiency make the house comfortable to live in. The wooden frame system, with its contemporary prerogative, allows high energy containment, while making the interiors healthier.

Casa GM benefits from innovative Class A+4 ventilation systems and structural isolation, designed right from the factory prefabrication of all elements. A construction system that further reduces logistical problems, limiting the overall environmental impact and observing great care for the rural context in which the residence fits.