Casa ST, a retreat in the peace of the vineyards



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[A country retreat in the peace of the vineyards]

Casa ST

A rustic and breathtaking panorama, among hills, vineyards and moments of silence. This is the setting for Casa ST, a building originally used for agricultural purposes, with a single body dating back to the early 1900s. Over the course of time, the house has undergone countless alterations, only to become part of the present renovation project, in symbiosis with the original structure and the surrounding environment.

The older elevations have been cleaned up, seeking homogeneity and unity in the building, with an intervention that eliminates inconsistent superfetations and, in addition, expands the underground part, fully respecting the genius loci.

A genius loci that emerges, bringing together tradition and contemporaneity. The rustic spirit of a house, between natural landscapes and new functions.

[Among tradition and new spaces]

Historical details, contemporary values

The house retains the unmistakable flavour of tradition, without overlooking the contribution of contemporaneity. New volumes, concealed to accommodate the functions that rural life once excluded, have found space in the underground part of the house, which hosts a travertine swimming pool, a fitness and spa area and a large garage.

High-quality finishes are accompanied by hi-tech research, both in terms of design and electronic and digital integration.

[Landscape becomes home]

Rustic corners of daily life

In the design of Casa ST, the landscape is the undisputed protagonist.

The rustic corners of the house, tastefully reworked, leave room for the dining room and its large windows, which create fascinating views. The architectural game thus designed expands the interior space, opening up daily life to the countryside areas that welcome it.

The surrounding landscaping project involved preserving the spontaneous hillsides of the land in their harmony, using the technique of reinforced soil.

The garden has been repopulated with native tree essences, with the conservation of a field maple and a ridge of cypresses that makes the inhabited location visible from afar. A hidden corner conceals the walkway with a treadmill to the basement, while the creation of a multi-sensory herb garden synthesises a fusion of eras.