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[Linearity and Balanced Functionality]

Illiria Group

A pure and linear industrial architecture, completely respectful of the pre-existing structure and the context in which it is inserted. The project dedicated to Illiria Group s.p.a., Italian firm in the Vending sector, focuses on the thoughtful redefinition of the functions and paths dedicated to the Udine headquarters.

Listening to the client’s needs, along with a direct comparison between the various department managers, allowed a careful analysis of the routes, so as to develop a tangible and rational concept, aware of the operating procedures of each activity.

The project involves the extension of the warehouse dedicated to the storage and preparation of company vehicles, for a total of 5,000 square metres.

The design operation is studied to maintain and highlight the pre-existing structure, with an architectural logic that facilitates the hierarchy of work flows.

Essentiality, brightness and technology characterise the interior design of the new meeting room.

The choice of the colour palette becomes fundamental in order to convey the company values through the space itself. Each of the interior spaces is designed in a functional way, cultivating the Illiria Group’s characteristic corporate identity throughout the structure.

The existing block has been enlarged to accommodate features such as the new canteen and innovative workstations.

An architecture that accentuates corporate values with a linear and pure design, respecting the existing context and people flows.

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Illiria Group

Gruppo Illiria S.p.a. was founded in 2001 through the merger of several companies that had been operating in the vending sector since the 1970s. Thanks to rapid organic growth and acquisitions, it quickly became one of the leading companies on the Italian vending scene, with 11 operating sites, 2 subsidiaries and 1 associate, covering all of Northern and Central Italy.

Illiria’s main objective is to create comfortable and functional refreshment areas, offering innovative and customised solutions in terms of vending machines, assortment and service.

Gruppo Illiria S.p.A. – Via Jacopo Linussio, 1 – 33100 Udine /