Sofar, Timeless Elegance in the Kilometro Rosso


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[Timeless Elegance in the Kilometro Rosso]


The prestigious setting of the Kilometro Rosso in Bergamo, for an innovative and refined project.

The Italian company Sofar s.p.a., which specialises in pharmaceutical products, food supplements and medical devices, has always had an avant-garde identity, dedicated to continuous research.

The project involves the construction of a meeting room and established offices in the visionary “Kilometro Rosso – Innovation District” Science and Technology Park, with a European outlook. 

The project’s key elements include attention to detail and the design of unique solutions, balancing refined formality with spatial fluidity, made up of relaxed environments and materials of timeless elegance.

The elegance of walnut wood, the classicism of marble and the great care for detail have made it possible to create a space with a relaxed outlook, in which formality avoids the apparent rigour of the materials, transforming them through an easily enjoyable interior layout.

Essential elegance, functional innovation. A set of details that reflects the company’s values in the international environment of Kilometro Rosso.

[An International Identity]

Details enhancing Values

The project envisages the design of a meeting room and some offices, based on a reinforcement of the company’s values as Sofar goes international. 

Starting from this thought, the hall’s back wall is characterised by a world map, also functional to conceal, where necessary, the technology behind, among wall panels and digital systems interfaced with the architecture. 

The table is the undisputed protagonist of the meeting space, a unique custom-designed piece in which technology and ergonomics come together in a combination of balanced lines and details.



SOFAR S.p.A, an Italian company specialising in high quality pharmaceutical products, food supplements and medical devices, has a history of constant innovation that began in 1968 and is based on research, development and Made in Italy quality.

Over time, the company has distinguished itself for its ability to offer pioneering solutions, capable of responding in the best possible way to the therapeutic choices of doctors and the self-medication needs of patients. In 2001, it entered the probiotics market with what was to become a leading product in the field of gastroenterology. With this vision focused on research and innovation, in 2019 SOFAR formed a partnership with the Kilometro Rosso Science and Technology Park in Bergamo, becoming a national reference point.


SOFAR S.p.a. ℅ Spazio Eventi Kilometro Rosso – Via Stezzano, 87, 24126 – Bergamo BG / SOFAT