Hyatt Regency Algiers Airport, vibrant and contemporary hotel


Fabris&Partners for Hyatt Regency Algiers

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[Vibrant & contemporary atmosphere]

Hyatt Regency Algiers Airport

The interior design of the Hyatt Regency Algiers Airport Hotel, dedicated to all the common areas, is developed by ak+ for the architectural firm Fabris&Partners, responsible for the architectural project.

A green oasis, a place that invites you to sit back and relax, without barriers or schemes. Hyatt Regency Algiers Airport takes up a very specific challenge: preserving the breath of such a large space and, at the same time, seeking the small scale, diversifying the interactions, the situations, the moods experienced.

From each perspective, in fact, the space is perceived differently, never fully revealed, beyond being enhanced by effects of light and transparency, fullness and emptiness.

During the day, the hotel becomes a green oasis, full of light. By night, the lighting becomes dramatic and measured. A combination of design philosophies, intentions and lines designed down to the smallest detail to create a vibrant atmosphere at all times.

A broad space with a vibrant and constantly new atmosphere. A hotel that becomes a green oasis, rich in light and design philosophies.

[Walking distance from the Terminal]

Welcoming interconnections

The Hyatt Regency Algiers Airport is the first and only hotel directly connected to an airport, the Huari Boumediene International Airport Terminal in Algiers.

Through a pedestrian walkway, passengers disembark directly into the hotel lobby, ready to be hosted in an international dimension. 

Strategically located in the beautiful city of Algiers, the hotel offers the most modern facilities for a connected stay in a lively environment: the rooms have all the comforts for a memorable stay, with a range of services to satisfy every need.

[Hospitality design between living, shopping and taste]

Contemporary gastronomic experiences

Palmette: a restaurant, a cocktail bar, a small shop. Hyatt Regency is immersed in an oasis of services with a wide range of textures and functions.

Materials and patterns with local flavours are interpreted with a contemporary spirit, in the gastronomic and shopping areas, wrapped in a structural scenography that attracts visitors as spectators. The atmosphere inspires intimacy and opens up wide-ranging perspectives, through iconic and engaging elements such as the large luminous wings and the beams of the suspended ceilings.

[Tropically inspired services]

A dive into a relaxing setting

An environment of natural and relaxing colours, allowing guests to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of well-being and scenarios with a tropical appeal.

The space dedicated to relaxation and socialising is on different levels, diversifying and stimulating the senses with tactile experiences.

In the large swimming pool, the intense turquoise green of the mosaic is intensified by the presence of water which, reflecting the warm, enveloping light, enriches and gives depth to the space, with pools of different temperatures. The materials used are of great value, as are the fabrics with their refined designs, the furnishings and the attention to design in every detail.

[Spaces for networking and workers]

Design at business pace

A tailor-made office environment, projected to the world.

Spaces dedicated to working relationships and business operations are an added bonus at Hyatt Regency Algiers Airport.

The aim is to encourage connections through isolated telephone booths, digitally equipped areas, USB stations and workstations. The layout of the business areas is characterised by timeless elegance, with soft colours, discreet lighting effects, soft and inviting seating, and coffee break areas. The linearity of the floor and the cuts in the ceiling modulate the rhythm of a space where business and relaxation are balanced.


Hyatt Regency

Hyatt Hotels Corporation is a leading global hospitality company with 20 leading brands, including Hyatt Regency. As of 31 December 2020, the Company comprised more than 975 hotels, including 175 worldwide as Hyatt Regency Hotels & Resorts.

The Company’s purpose of caring for people so they can perform at their best inspires its business decisions and growth strategy, with a focus on attracting and retaining the best employees, building guest relationships and creating shareholder value. The company’s mission brings people together and fosters connections through versatile venues and thoughtful services.

Houari Boumediene Airport, Algiers – Algeria,